"Beyond this point, there be dragons."

The name Dragon's Edge Services was suggested by the old map that marked the edge of the known world with the comment, "Beyond this point, there be dragons."  When you reach dragon territory - the edge of your comfort zone - Dragon's Edge Services can help.

Developers communicate with computers. Documentation specialists communicate with people. Programmers spend their working hours immersed in a language and concepts much more complex than most users or computer administrators ever need to encounter.

This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for programmers to step back through their levels of knowledge to explain in detail to a novice. They are like experienced drivers who automatically check mirrors, use turn signals and adjust speed. They have forgotten they even need to tell novices to perform all of those functions, much less teach them how to do them.



Examples of the same documentation written by a developer (left) and a writer. 
See the developer's and writer's full documents
for a closer look.


Technical writers, on the other hand,  are the translators between developers and those who use documentation. They understand enough of the developer's world to be able to absorb the concepts  developers need to communicate, but their focus is on presenting that information so that users can perform the tasks described. 

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