Perspectives and goals

This site was born from my own personal experience as a Catholic convert. My path to Catholicism involved two attempts to convert before I was finally able to complete the process. I know that the nature, culture, and even information exchanged in RCIA programs from parish to parish varies significantly.

To some degree, this variation is inevitable. Not everyone started life as a protestant, not everyone is close enough to their conversion to remember the issues that presented obstacles or why, and still others may understand but not be able to explain it so that certain ones of us can understand it. In addition, the backgrounds of those of us who consider conversion - or simply want information - are so varied it is difficult to touch all the bases with everyone.

This site is designed to fill in some of the gaps. Questions and requests for information on specific topics are welcome. Those questions identify gaps I want to address, and the existing questions help set my priorities for the site. If I do not have information related to a question, I can usually find it. Training and experience as a journalist have taught me how to locate information I need or want, if it is available.

Aside from my membership in the Roman Catholic church, this blog has no connection to any church organization or group. There are no RCIA instructors or sponsors, no church officials, no one else monitoring me or involved in any way.

In addition to my standard research, I rely on a priest/friend of 18 years to verify or clarify some issues for me, as I have done for years. Since he was so concerned his relationship with us would influence our decision to convert that my sister and I practically had to threaten him before he would talk to us about Catholicism, I am confident using him as a resource will not skew my views.

The goal here is to inform and encourage thought, not generate converts. My decision to convert germinated over 20 years or more. Although I did choose to convert, I do not automatically think everyone else is wrong. I am supremely content with my decision, however, and enjoy the richness of the faith.

It is my hope that something I present here enriches the knowledge or experience of those who visit.