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The  team and fans of the Forever television series have impressed me greatly with their graceful and dignified reaction to ABC's cancellation of the show. Show star Ioan Gruffudd's humble and appreciative online letter to fans following his receipt of the news demonstrated a level of class I had begun to think was out of fashion. Despite his disappointment at the loss of a role he obviously loved, he took time to be gratfeul for the short-lived opportunity and loyal fan support.

My cursory search has identified at least four online venues that noted the heart-felt missive while also commenting that some of the shows the network retained had no better ratings and significantly smaller and less devoted followings. Forever fans have initiated a campaign to find a new champion to pick up the show. I wish them well, and support their efforts.

Subtle sleeper

I think one reason Forever was a slow-starter with regard to ratings had to do with the number of pitfalls to which it was prone. It succumbed, however, neither to the  how-does-Henry-die-this-week nor the immortal-hero-versus-immortal-villain cliches. Instead, it developed gentler threads to explore the other consequences of Henry's immortality, such as the knowledge and wisdom he had gained during the course of several lifetimes and how he managed to use and explain it.

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